Monday, May 20, 2013

Darn you, Facebook!

Ugh, to quote Michael Corleone, "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in." That about sums up my feeling regarding Facebook.

I had been doing just fine without the stupid thing, and then PMS from Hell hit me two weeks ago, spinning my head in 15 different directions, and I found I had a desperate need to emote and be comforted by friends. 

Of course, once my body was done PMSing, and I could think straight again, I did feel better, clearer. However, the "damage" was done. I realized for certain, that there is the social part of me that needs to be able to reach out and know there are people who do care, and even a fair number who can empathize, when I am filled with horrific anxiety and raging hormones. Or even when I just need to emote a little. Or maybe I really do miss catching up with my buddies and seeing what concerns them or what grand joy has found them. Yeah, there's definitely a reason to check in a few minutes each day.

There will be a grand difference this time around though: 1) I am not going to let FB control my thoughts ("Oh! I've GOT to post this!") and actions (like not going to bed b/c I'm trolling about FB).  I am limiting myself to five posts a day. And that is all. That seems completely doable and so far, it is plenty. Several days in the last week, I haven't even made it to five. 2) My "Friends" list has had an axe taken to it, and many people, though largely family, got cut. Also in the bunch were a number of current ward members (few of you really need to know what I think all the time) and a smattering of people I rarely hear from or follow, but if I need to get to them- or vice versa, I can do so through someone else. 3) I locked down a lot of my personal info, and 4) I'm incognito, staying a bit more under the wire.

I'll still check in here from time to time, but FB does have its uses: it certainly keeps one from crying into the darkness!

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  1. Hey, Darla: I also tried to keep off Facebook but couldn't quite make it. I really do like to keep in touch with family and friends somewhat. I certainly missed your comments and posts. It took me a couple of posts to realize that you were back on. Hooray for the times we live in. Love you.


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