Monday, January 19, 2009

On the eve of this momentous occaission

As I sit here pondering the inauguration of Barak Obama tomorrow, I wish I could get much more excited. He wasn't my choice, not even my party, and I have very real and valid concerns regarding his politics and what his policies may mean for America. That being said, I am proud that a black American with his early disadvantages has achieved what he has, and if I had not just watched the press engage in such an obvious and sickening love fest over him, I would probably be more enthusiastic myself. But I'm not, and though I abhor the victim mentality the Left seems to embrace so often, I feel I must rightly blame someone for my apathy. Whom should I blame for my lack of joy? The press. Why not? Congrats, get to work, but don't forget that little document called the Constitution. It guarantees our opportunity to pursue happiness, not happiness itself. That still takes work, lots & lots of it. Something I fear some 40% or so of Americans have forgotten. You are their messiah, maybe they listen to you. Break it to them gently.

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