Thursday, January 8, 2009

Since when was Socialism considered "progressive"?

In response to my book review of Liberal Fascism on Goodreads, a friend sent me a recent exchange her conservative son had with a "progressive" friend of hers on his blog. Where in her son sought to defend the US & capitalism as a good and just system as her friend bemoaned our many flaws of injustice and lack of charity towards our fellow beings. He decried the evils of "men," while raising up the great Messiah, Big Government, as the answer to our problems. Aren't governments made of those same men? Aren't they more susceptible to corruption in the hallowed halls of Big Government than they are in your home town city hall? I certainly think so!

He decried the travesty of not having universal health care here, and while I think it would be wonderful to have more widely affordable health insurance, just as it would be to have less available stupidity. Everyone has the same OPPORTUNITY in this country for a FREE education, yet many CHOOSE not to take advantage of it, as drop out rates, esp. among minorities, is ridiculous. Statistically, high school grads earn much more than drop outs, those with associates & Bachelor's even more, and so on and so forth. Many CHOOSE to accept government handouts instead of working, leading to a mindset that they "have nothing to live or die for." Welfare has done more to expand poverty and lower "self-esteem" than any kick off the dole could ever do. Many CHOOSE to have numerous children out of wed lock (a prime determinant in generational poverty levels), instead of abstaining or using birth control, even though contraceptives are easily available and there is no dearth of Planned Parenthood clinics ready to hook them up at any time. Many CHOOSE to drive brand new cars, buy nice home electronics, clothes, car accoutrements, and vacations INSTEAD of taking care of their families NEEDS, not WANTS, first. INSTEAD they want the ubiquitous "tax payers" to take RESPONSIBILITY for them. Instead, they teach their children that the "government" will do everything for them and make sure they are "secure" and free from want. They do not teach them THEY are responsible for making WISE choices, not foolish ones. I saw this first hand at Christmas, while working with my kids' school's guidance counselor to provide food & gifts for "needy kids." One "Needy Parent" arrived in a old, trashy Ford Aerostar, complete with a top notch sound system. Another, who showed up at Thanksgiving, arrived in a brand new Dodge Charger. A teacher's aide recounted the story of a teacher who called to check in on a few students over the holidays, to be told by one student that he got a new flat screen TV for his bedroom, a Wii, and the family got another new Armada, making their holdings to include 2 now. In addition, they also got food and gifts from the school! So glad we could "help."

So, my recommendation to Jack, in his desire to create a "more compassionate system," that I'm sure also addresses so many of our other faults as a nation would be this: 1) means test the crap out of "welfare" and give no extra assets for multiple for China, and the Left LOVES them some Communism, 2) refuse to pay a nickle for any one here illegally. Period. We are IN DEBT. People in debt cannot give away money, because they have none. Guess what, neither does the US government! 3) CUT TAXES & CUT the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN HALF, cut out Social Security, extended, extended unemployment & enhance 401K opportunities. Give the control back to the states and counties where the PEOPLE, aka, the TAX PAYERS get a better "bang for their buck." Give OUR money back to us! Take the savings incurred through steps 1-3 and require every person in the US to go through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. If after that, they still choose to do stupid things with their money, they get to go into debt if they don't get insurance for their families and someone gets sick; if they have to work until they are dead b/c they never saved, sorry! And we won't bail them out either. They get to save and scrimp and pay off their debts like honest people should. With all the new found PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY this will create, I'll bet the government will even be able to fix our failing infrastructure and help the environment just a bit, too.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Get me started!

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  1. Nothing like a rant to get your blog started. You crack me up. I love you!!


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