Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meridian Magazine - The Dangers of Gospel Hobbies - Meridian Magazine - LDS, Mormon and Latter-day Saint News and Views

Meridian Magazine - The Dangers of Gospel Hobbies - Meridian Magazine - LDS, Mormon and Latter-day Saint News and Views

Funny, I had just checked my email, scanning over a new message from the "Green Smoothie Girl," hawking her latest cure-all and all new "Meditations" (on a theme of fanatic green-foodie-ness) when I saw this article from Larry Barkdull on Meridian.

Burkdull's comments really struck a chord with me. As I ponder about people I know, and even myself, who have quite gone off the "deep end" chasing rabbits in the high weeds of Gospel doctrine topics- or just ideas in general.

Whether the topics relate to Feminists, who demand the priesthood and know "for a fact" that they are second class citizens in the Church; Social Gospel adherents, intent on liberalizing a Conservative faith; Word of Wisdom fanatics who swear vegetarianism is the key to everything that ails us; End of Timers who are certain if they have enough land and enough "stuff," all will be well, come what may; Family History mavens intent on tracing and doing temple work for everyone they ever knew- back to Adam; or my own personal issue, Political Monday- Morning Quarterbacking, i.e., spend more time worrying about the latest news out of D.C. than the words of the holy scriptures.

It seems there is something out there to drive us all one way or another. And I'm certain people in other faiths and Christian denominations, and even those of no faith, have the same challenges (like focusing on who gets to be called Christian, creationism vs. evolution, old earth vs. young earth, who is "saved," and what constitutes a Christian "Worldview," fitness, nutrition, the environment, whales, the snail darter, fast driver, slow drivers, the color of the sky, etc!)

Maybe, just maybe, Christ is who we need to focus on, not the rabbits in the bushes. We really do often spend more time looking at the individual trees in the forest, than actually seeing the totality of the beauty that makes the forest so spectacular. And even then, we fail to focus on the Creator who brought it all into existence. Maybe if we could do that, we wouldn't waste so much time wallowing about in the weeds of life...and doctrine.


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