Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Inequalities of “Equal” Marriage: that we have even come to this point in society makes me sad.

Meridian Magazine - The Inequalities of “Equal” Marriage - Meridian Magazine - LDS, Mormon and Latter-day Saint News and Views

The author of the above article makes a strong point about how genderless unions and the failure of men and women to take seriously bringing children into this world without marriage undermines the role and need of strong fathers in society.

As ignorant or idealistic women have been pushed and cajoled into embracing the welfare state as a substitute to a husband, more and more children are being brought into unstable family situations with a higher incidence of poverty. True, more women can better afford single-parenthood, as if finances were the only consideration for raising a child alone, but more than those who can afford parenthood solo, are those who cannot. Children really do deserve better. They deserve better than a father-less childhood, they deserve better than a childhood of parental/ "caregiver" fluidity, they deserve to have a greater stability and care than adoption agencies who consider what is best for the adopter than the adopted.

I believe there are good people on both sides of the debate about genderless "marriage," but I do believe there is only one union that can truly be considered marriage, and that is of the one man and one woman variety. Any thing else is a counterfeit that both sells short the traditions of marriage, the children born within it, and the society that plays hard and fast with the rules related to it.

This may be an argument that traditionalists lose in the long-term, legal sense, but it is not one that will be lost without grave consequences to morality and humanity.

Pray hard, people. Gomorrah is on the rise. 

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  1. True on the Gomorrah comment. But for some reason people dont thing that sort of situation could apply in present day, even members of the church forget the Bible.


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